Our Services - First Aid Kit Replentishment, Safety Audit, Serviced First Aid Kits.

  • First Aid Kits

    Quality: Our serviced first aid kits are without exception of hospital grade quality and to OSH requirements.

    Clarity: Transparent, labeled pockets for everyday items, service schedule card, logical and intuitive layout.

    Ease: Colour coded, easily identifiable injury specific modules to ensure you can get what is needed quickly for a specific situation.

    Adaptability: We can provide vehicle and food industry kits ensure the specific needs of your business are met.

  • Fire Safety

    Plan. A comprehensive emergency response plan will be assessed and implemented and all personnel educated as to the necessary actions in the event of a fire.

    Protect. We check and install all extinguishers and necessary signage on site and in vehicle fleets, and then rigorously monitor all equipment to ensure it’s there when you need it.

  • Fleet Services

    Suitability: We can provide specific vehicle first aid and fire safety kits uniquely suited to the needs of a large range of clients – be it government departments, large organisations or SMEs.

    Cost-effectiveness:Our management plans are easy to follow and only require a small ongoing fee for peace of mind no matter where the vehicle travels.

    Convenience: We can provide servicing of vehicles either on weekdays or over the weekend, depending on what suits your timetable. Annual servicing can take place over the summer holiday period also.

Buy First Aid Kit Premium Loan Worker or Vehicle

  • Who Are We

    Our all-encompassing health and safety service for New Zealand businesses was started after years of experience from key team members in industries requiring the very best in diligent guidance and exacting management. Read More.

  • What We Offer

    We provide a fully managed safety service, our expert assessment and management of your systems and equipment providing total coverage and peace of mind. Read More.